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It's "Nightrider" meets "The Odd Couple" in this new episode of The Downey Files! Chris Downey and David Richardson (Two and Half Men, The Simpson) take a spin on a darkly comedic TV pilot where Exechiel River, a super-secret government agent, needs to rely on his supersonic, sassy and bitter wheelchair (formerly Stephen Hawking's) to move past the betrayal of his wife and find the heroin traffickers behind the bombing that paralyzed him. 

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For this episode, Chris Downey joins forces once more with Mike Price (The Simpsons), to break a new half-baked movie idea -- this time, one of your suggestions. Listen in as Chris and Mike as they tackle a body-swap comedy, "Dad/Dog," where Alan, an overworked, stressed father who envies the freedom his family dog Lucky seems to enjoy, wakes up one day in his pet's body, while Lucky gets to live in his human form. 

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Hello fellow podcast listeners! After fourteen wonderful episodes, Chris Downey has decided to open up the floor to your suggestions and comments. And there's one more surprise -- check out this special video message and find out what Chris has in store for you!

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What happens when a straight-laced lawyer gets mixed up with the crazy babysitter getting shipped off to boot camp?  Find out as Chris Downey & Rock Reuben (King of Queens) break the stoner comedy 'Drive the Babysitter Home' that sends uptight dad Tim and his fellow dad-buddies on a wild chase through the streets of LA as they search for missing babysitter Rochelle, hellbent on habing her final night of freedom.

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What happens when you team up a lonely North Face sales rep and a ex-model-turned-con-artist on a rescue mission in the Amazons? Tune in for this week's episode, where Chris Downey and long-time colleague and friend Ilana Wernick, (The King of Queens, Modern Family) tackle the exotic buddy comedy "The Explorers' Club," to find out!

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In this week's The Downey files, Chris Downey reunites with writer & producer Chuck Tatham (How I Met Your Mother) to take in the quirky buddy comedy, "Face Time." Nervous Kevin & smooth-talking Will, the hottest plastic surgeons in Hollywood, have their talents put to the test when they're kidnapped by a Mexican druglord and ordered to give him the face of Scarface's Tony Montana - or die.

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It's 'Mission: Impossible' meets 'Paper Moon' in this week's The Downey Files as Chris Downey and writer & show runner Kirk J. Rudell (Men at Work, Whitney, Will & Grace) tackle the father-daughter heist feature 'The Weekend'. When troubled teenager Cassidy Blake finds out her divorced father is a world-class thief the CIA employs for government work, she blackmails him into taking her with him on his last job, finally rediscovering their relationship in the process.

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In 1984, Tom Hanks fell in love with a mermaid, and much hilarity ensued. You're now in for a treat as Chris Downey invites David Fury, writer and producer of such shows as "LOST", "24" and "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" to bring one of his old half-baked ideas to the table. "Mermen" is the story of what happens when three mermen, faced with the rejection of their fellow mermaids, take a (literal) shore leave in New York City... to pick up chicks!

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Have you ever wondered how did Danny Ocean become the charming mastermind we've all come to know and love? Listen to this episode of The Downey Files as Chris Downey sits down with John Rogers, fellow co-creator and executive producer of Leverage, to break down OCEAN'S 6 -- the 1970s prequel to the Ocean's 11 franchise. 

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What would happen if the epic fight of Alien Vs. Predator took place on the Titanic? Or on a Titanic-like ship? Find out as Chris Downey enlists the help of writer/Director John Weiner, winner of the Golden Chainsaw Award at the Sacramento Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival, to whip this fantastic premise into shape.

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